Chairman's Message

The digital economy is transforming the way businesses, governments and societies interact and operate. The convenience and flexibility of the services and products available on the Internet have meant that all aspects of our lives are now increasingly being digitized. However, there is also an increasing concern about the privacy and security of the individuals and organizations, alike. To this end, electronic certificates, are commonly used to ensure higher levels and assurances of electronic identities and content integrity of electronic transactions. In fact, the use of electronic certificates to enhance security and privacy has now gained global acceptance in both the public and private sectors.

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Following are some of the key services of ECAC.


To grant and renew accreditation certificates to certification service providers, their cryptography services and security procedures.


To monitor and ensure compliance by accredited certification service providers with the terms of their accreditation and revoke or suspend accreditation in the manner and on the grounds as may be specified in regulations.


To establish and manage the repository.


To monitor compliance of accredited certification service providers with the provisions of the ETO.


To carry out research and studies in relation to cryptography services and to obtain public opinion in connection therewith.


To recognize or accredit foreign certification service providers.


To encourage uniformity of standards and practices.


To give advice to any person in relation to any matter covered under ETO.


To make recommendations to an appropriate authority in relation to the matters covered under ETO.